Which connector would you like to see in Hummingbot?

Author: Dardonacci 0x78a

Original Post Date: 8 Apr 2022

It’s time to discuss which are best connectors to include in the next Hummingbot releases and why.

Author: drpepper 0xa09

+1 Terra connector. There’s been lots of demand for it by the community on Discord and it’s a great tight knit community that could bring in a new audience for Hummingbot.

The Terra ecosystem is also growing rapidly meaning lots of different arbitrage opportunities between DEX and CEX for traders. LUNA, UST, and other ecosystem tokens are also listed across many CEXs.

Author: Dardonacci 0x78a

It’s a very nice opportunity! Could you send us the Discord channel just to invite them to this conversation and also understand which protocols they want?

Author: drpepper 0xa09

Cool! Connectors for Astroport, Loop, Terraswap would be great.

I was referring to the Hummingbot discord channel. If you search for “terra” you can see a bunch of requests :ok_hand:t4:

Author: fengtality 0x352

Yay - very opportune! CoinAlpha just submitted an HIP proposing to add support for Terra Snapshot

Author: Anonymous 0x155

Definitely Terra please ! Connectors for Coinhall, TerraSwap, TFM, Astroport and Prism Protocol would be awesome ! (order by preference)

Author: Alpha 0x56d

We need connectors to access futures contracts (not just Perp) on major exchanges. For example, FTX is good start.

Author: Alpha 0x56d

I forgot to add rationale for FTX futures as well as perp connectors. We need FTX perp and futures connectors because FTX has 0 maker fees once you deposit 25 FTT tokens and while takers fees can go as low as 0.04 for retail or even for small players like many of us who are just starting. Once you scale your volume, they give you upto -.025% maker rebate. Overall 0 makers fee for small player along with great features of fTX such as subaccounts (not allowed in Binance unless you are VIP 4 and above something like that), margin borrowing, hedging PnL make it an ideal professional exchange compare to Binance and other exchange which often have disadvantage for small player when they start due to their limited features and high fees on small players like us.
We need FTX connectors on high priority.