Where to find a botmaster for hire?

Hello, I’m looking to hire a bot master to work on a couple of projects for my crypto trading fund:

  1. Run algos to gradually and stealthily accumulate/distribute spot tokens and futures contracts with up to 100 instruments simultaneously.
  2. Import Fed data via API, analyze it and execute trades based on numbers in the report.

Is there a HB resource for connecting devs with clients/employers like me?

If anyone’s interested in working on this, please feel free to reach out at linkedin.com/in/jessewilsonusc

Thank you, and I apologize if I posted this in the wrong place!


Hi Jesse!
We are currently running a BotCamp where we teach devs how to use hummingbot to code custom strategies using high frequency data (querying the order book, real time trades) in multiple pairs and exchanges.
The idea in the future is to create a market place where the developers can connect with clients!

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Hi Fede, thanks for letting me know. I would love to get a referral to your top performers following the BotCamp, or any more info about how to get the word out to them about my needs. Best regards

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