Technical Review DAO applications

Author: PHBR0 x58B

Original Post Date: 10 Mar 2022

Snapshot Proposal Link

As stated on the proposal HPG-7, The Technical Review DAO will be composed of 5 members, elected by community voting through a HIP

This is the official application Thread.

If you are interested in apply as a candidate for the Technical Review DAO, add the following information below:

  • Name/Handle
  • Why you are interested on becoming part of this DAO
  • What are the skill you have that will contribute to the sucess of the DAO

Once this thread is closed, a HIP will be created with the names of the candidates as the election process.

Author: TheHoliestRoger 0xA41

Known as TheHoliestRoger

Been working with hummingbot for several years from the shadows and happy to review PRs :slight_smile:

Skills: Developer. Proficient with python, ruby, swift as well as js based stuff like react/webpack

Author: wojak 0xB6B

  • Name/Handle: Wojak
  • I have been using and modifying Hummingbot client intensively for a year in order to maintain my top position in the miner leaderboard so I guess I’m pretty familiar with the bot codebase therefore reviewing PRs and providing feedbacks would be a straightforward job for me. Also, it would be very beneficial to the community if PRs are bug free so I’m very glad to offer my skills and time to the DAO so that we could all make the codebase be better for the community to use.
  • Skills:
    • Been a full stack developer for more than 8 years.
    • Known python, ruby, swift, reactjs, react native, nextJS, etc. Enough stuff to make modern applications.
    • Competitive market making on Hummingbot miner platform, usually maintain above top 10 positions.
    • Worked on the connector for Harmony chain for gateway-v2 feature of Hummingbot client.

Author: J0E 0x520

  • Handle: J0E
  • I started using Hummingbot client around a year ago, wanted to learn the codebase so developed a exchange connector which is awaiting review/PR. I’m looking to continue to add additional connectors and happy to review PR’s/provide feedback to help improve Hummingbot.
  • Skills
    • Python, bash, sql, html, tcp/ip etc.
    • AWS/GCP certified. Interested in latency/hosting optimisation for HB strategies
    • Many years experience in TradFi working in IT on various projects

Author: Abel 0x20c

  • Name: Abel Handle: aarmoa
  • I am part of the CoinAlpha Hummingbot development team. I have been participating actively in Hummingbot development for almost a year and I have deep knowledge of all the components.
  • I am a software engineer with 15+ years experience. I have been working in financial related projects since 2008.

Author: matej 0x2d4

  • matej / mhrvth
  • I am part of the CoinAlpha Hummingbot development team. I have been participating actively in Hummingbot development for more than a half year and I have deep knowledge of some of the components.
  • I am a software engineer with 10 years experience.

Author: leastchaos 0x46f

Handle: leastchaos / BiasFolio

I am an active user of hummingbot and would love to be able to help support reviewing pr for hummingbot.

I am familiar with the codebase mostly on the strategy side and have made multiple contributions to the hummingbot including creating the hedge strategy for hummingbot.

Author: James 0xda6

  • Handle: james-hummingbot
  • I am a part of the CoinAlpha Gateway development team and I am the lead developer working on Gateway V2. While my focus is on Gateway and TypeScript, I also have worked on some of the Hummingbot python code.
  • I am a software engineer with 10 years of professional experience. I have been working on Hummingbot and Gateway at CoinAlpha for a year now.
  • Before my work at CoinAlpha, I wrote the smart contract and front end code for the first decentralized exchange on Tezos. This project was forked and redesigned as the Tezos Liquidity Baking to encourage liquidity providers to provide XTZ and BTC.

Author: weltam 0x94F

Handle: weltam

Github: welly87


My core background in software engineering, big data, high perf and distributed system. Has been AWS Community Leaders and Data Engineering Indonesia community leaders, etc. Previously works on multiple domains like banking, energy, AI startup and recently works on crypto industry.


I love community and i love software and open source. HB OSS community is really welcoming community and quite open for sharing knowledge in finance. Which is quite rare in financial. Open sourcing the code is also a huge move to open the knowledge about market efficiency and the real operations of how financial markets works for everyone.

So with that i would love to contribute from tech perspective while learning and collaborating with people from crypto industry. So we can make the crypto world legit and shine as everything is wide open, collaborative while still giving the incentive to the community and organization

Work Plan

  1. Learning about the code base and how each components works
  2. Working together with the core developers to know the current concern and improvement so it’s can be align with the proposal and also direction of OSS
  3. Working on improving documentation as it will give more people eyes to the internal of the engine. This give a people knowledge as i see a lot of request in discord is how to get familiar with codebase.
  4. Getting to know the team members etc. Code of conduct and deciding the collaboration plan and mechanism
  5. Working with prioritizing the proposal, collaborate asynchronously while maintaining the autonomy
  6. Diving into the previous issues and concern from community like how to make hummingbot easier for adding new strategy, modification, GUI and also easier for people that comes from different background as the key is democratizing liquidity and make market efficient without being a giant
  7. Actively finding new way to enhance the review process, the latest software engineering technology process, techniques and also security parts of the system.

Author: Bing Sun 0xcFb

Name/Handle: Bing

Why you are interested on becoming part of this DAO

I came into contact with hummingbot two months ago. I heard the first video conference of the community, and I also raised issues and prs on github. Really agree with the problem this project solves and the way it is organized.

What are the skill you have that will contribute to the sucess of the DAO

I have twenty years of development experience and am a senior technical expert in an world famous ecommerce company. I have an MBA degree and studying a DBA degree and have some understanding of financial literacy. Familiar with Internet technology and China’s developer ecosystem.

Author: PHBR0 x58B

Election Proposal have been created: Snapshot

Author: Kieran 0xB77

Name: Kieran McGowan

GitHub Handle: kmcgowan2000

I’m currently a tech lead at CoinAlpha, and worked for them on the Hummingbot client and mining backend from early 2020 for a year (one of the first 10 engineers). I now work on a professional backtesting solution that interfaces with the Hummingbot client, so am very familiar with the workings of the code. I love the Hummingbot community, and would like to provide some assistance with code review. In particular, I feel my expertise with high-performance code could be a useful part of the code review process – often PRs in Hummingbot are detrimental to performance, and I would like to avoid that if possible.

As per HGP-7, my ETH address for multisig is: 0xfe65EcF27151899C9183b5c1F9d8F34E6E7dC19f