Request for all strag to work on both spot and future markets

Can we please add all strategy to enable able to work on both spot and future

I don’t see why grid bot wouldn’t work on future , cross_exchange_market_making arb between future and spot , this would be great if margin trading on spot market and arb/hedging with future .
hedging between spot and future
aroon_oscillator would work.
avellaneda_market_making : would be better on future as you will also earn income from funding for allowing liquidations / rapid price movement eating into wide spread .

can you also allow disable of ping pong on perpetual_market_making .
it place one order and stop when filled , and has no way of price avg down if the market move down , untill you hit stop lost

then you get filled short when it move up and lose again.( unless to make alot of smaller scalping while it flat at the bottom .