QA process for non-certified connectors

Non-certified connector PRs will be tested by Foundation QA team and follow the modified connector testing checklist after the PRP voting period. Only time a connector is tested if it passed the required quorum.

QA connector checklist for non-certified connectors

Connecting an API key

  • Connect when a valid key is added
  • Throws an error or warning if the API key is invalid or has other issues
  • The same API key can be used on multiple bots unless specified that can only be used in one instance at a time

Pulling the balance

  • Displays the current available balance and should match the balance shown in the exchange
  • The allocation should be updated whenever there is an open order

Price and balance updates

  • In the status window, the prices are constantly being updated whenever a change takes place in the orderbook
  • Available balances are updated whenever an order is created or canceled
  • A consistent number of orders are created except if there are multiple bots using the asset, there are hanging orders or an order is remove due to specific parameters

Order submission and cancelation

  • Create orders must include an Order ID
  • Orders submitted without any error on client
  • Submitted orders should match the information of the open order in the exchange
  • Orders are canceled without any error
  • Orders are not getting stuck or left out unless its a manual order
  • The client should not cancel orders that are not created within the instance such as manual, orders created by other instances, or third-part bots.
  • Gracefully rejects/cancels order that don’t pass the exchange rules

Connector maintenance
Once a non-certified connector has passed the QA modified checklist, it will then go through the Reviewer DAO process for approval. Community would then have access on the development branch to test and report any issues found by creating a GitHub ticket.