Pure_mm HIP hanging_order_side


Can we add a side for hanging_order ?

I make order all tick, I buy at 8.54 I sell at 8.55 I trade all tick. With fill order delay 0.01

If the market pump (+3%), when the market returns to its original price (-3%), my inventory is over exposed (I scalp all tikc, 3% is 30 order, when the market return on its original price I have 30*2 buy order and Im over exposed)

If the market pump after his return, its ok i will make money.
If the market dump after his return, its not good im over exposed and i need one more cycle pump/dump for make money (with a risk of market dump)

So it would be nice to be able to disable the buy_hanging_order and let only sell_hanging_order


This looks feasible, would you consider funding a bounty for this development?

Is it possible to simply suppress the hanging orders with setting the percentage to 0?

This will also require to change the Avellaneda and Aroon strategies

I think it would be nice to split in two the hanging_order parameter by “buy_hanging_order: true/false” and “sell_hanging_order: true/false”

Yes I can make a bounty for this dev

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If you don’t mind, could you update as follow:

Author: @Stelh

Original Post Date: …

Dev Grants


  1. Improve the HangingOrders class to be asymmetric - TBD HBOT
  2. Update the Pure Market Strategy to enable asymmetric hanging orders - TBD HBOT

Linked HGP:


  1. Improve the HangingOrders class to be asymmetric
    Currently this class only allows symmetric hanging orders (although they can be partially filled). It would be beneficial ot have fully asymmetric (enter different percentile for buy/sell)

  2. Update the Pure Market Strategy to enable asymmetric hanging orders
    Once available the asymmetric HangingOrders should be integrated to the Pure Market Strategy

HBOT amount:

  1. TBD
  2. TBD

I like this idea too

Replace “hanging_orders_enabled” with “hanging_orders_buy_enabled” and “hanging_orders_sell_enabled”

  • If “hanging_orders_buy_enabled” is true, hanging orders with “side == buy” are created
  • If “hanging_orders_sell_enabled” is true, hanging orders with “side == sell” are created
  • If these parameters are false, hanging orders on that side are not created
  • Adjust parameters for all strategies with hanging_order ?
  • Adjust documentation in hummingbot -site repo to reflect these changes

This is an interesting feature proposal, as it can give more flexibility on use cases of hanging orders that I have not thought of or experienced yet.

Please state the bounty amount you can make for the development of this feature, so the process can proceed.

Though I am not a developer myself, still interested to see how a community member funded proposal will work out. We may also have some features that we can fund in near future. :clinking_glasses:

Do we agree that there is no benefit to have a different percentage, or could we keep it in the background but not implement it in the PMM?

Does it make sense to make it a ‘max_hanging_buy_orders’ instead of just a boolean option ?
I think it would give users more flexibility while still can be simply used as a switch, e.g. max_hanging_buy_orders = -1 , means infinite hanging buys ( True case)
max_hanging_buy_orders = 0 , means no hanging buys (False case)
max_hanging_buy_orders = 20 , means max 20 hanging buys (No new hang when 20 is reached , until they get filled or get cancelled)

You just need a bool option to apply a symetric spread on both.

If we have an asymmetric spread (for hanging), there are cases where the bot will not trade