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Original Post Date: 8 Feb 2022

HGP - Discussions Guidelines

This section is for discussions related to Hummingbot Governance Proposals (HGP). A full description about the established rules related to HGP can be found here: Hummingbot Governance Proposals (HGP) - Hummingbot Foundation

HGP Best Practices

To encourage discussion around HGPs, the Hummingbot Foundation asks the community to follow these guidelines below:

  • Before creating a proposal on Snapshot, create a thread here to give the community the opportunity to look into what will be proposed and reply with suggestions to improve the proposal draft;
  • Add (Proposal Draft) before the title of the Thread to make clear to the community that the Proposal is open for discussion;
  • Add the 2 letters referencing the category of the Governance Proposal;
  • Use the option Connect a proposal on the right to mark the Thread as Discussion;
  • Use Hummingbot Discord to ask the community to voice their opinions about your proposal;
  • If updates are made on the initial proposal, add a note at the beginning of the Thread to inform the community about the change;
  • Once the proposal reaches the final form, create a proposal on the HGP Snapshot Page;
  • Using the Connect a proposal option mentioned above, link the Snapshot proposal with the thread;

HIP - Discussions Guidelines

This section of the is a place for discussions related to Hummingbot Improvement Proposals (HIP). A full description about the established rules related to HGP can be found here: Hummingbot Improvement Proposals (HIP) - Hummingbot Foundation

HIP Best Practices

HIP is an intermediary governance tool for the community that allows the creation of proposals that do not fit what is established as HGP or PRP.

For HIPs related to specific topics (Dev Grant Requests and Initiatives Elections), please follow the format listed in the rules.

Should I create a HIP?

Although HIPs covers a wide range of possible proposals, some topics and discussions don’t necessarily need to have a proposal created.

Some guidelines to help the community decide NOT to create a HIP:

Changes on the governance system? Create a HGP
Use of Treasury resources? Create a HGP
Want to contribute to the code base? Create a PRP
Reporting a Bug? Create a Github Issue
Questions related to how to use Hummingbot? Look into the Documentation or chat on Discord

PRP - Discussions Guidelines

This section of the is a place for discussions related to Pull Requests Proposals (PRP). PRPs are the main process for the community to contribute to the Hummingbot codebase.

For a Pull Request to be added into the main branch of the hummingbot repository, it must be approved by the community through a PRP voting, using the Snapshot snapshot page.

For the complete governance rules related to PRPs, refer to this page: Pull Request Proposals (PRP) - Hummingbot Foundation

Discussions around PRPs

Since all PRPs are related to Pull Requests created on Hummingbot Github page, and is focused on the code, we recommend that all discussions related to the proposed implementation to be kept on the respective Pull Requests pages.

Request For Comment (RFC)

A good practice for community developers looking to work on a code contribution for the Hummingbot codebase and want to involve the rest of the community during the its development is to use this section of the Forum to create a Request For Comment (RFC) thread.

Altough we don’t have a formal format for RFCs, the goal is to communicate an future implementation proposal, and ask the community for feedback before the creation of a PRP.

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