Pre-Hummingbot 1.0 proposal process

Author: fengtality 0x352

Original Post Date: 10 Jan 2022

As mentioned in the HBOT announcement, the Hummingbot Foundation plans to start the governance process with the release of Hummingbot 1.0, scheduled for late January 2022.

Before this date, the Foundation will conduct a “beta” period during which:

  • Only Pull Request Proposals (PRP) will be voted on
  • Only Foundation staff can create proposals

This gives HBOT holders authority to approve any and all pull requests to the development branch of the Hummingbot code repository GitHub - hummingbot/hummingbot: Hummingbot is open source software that helps you build trading bots that run on any exchange or blockchain. Only pull requests with an approved Pull Request Proposal on the Hummingbot Snapshot may be merged.

Pre-Hummingbot 1.0 (PRP) process

A Pull Request Proposal (PRP) will be a proposal linked to an open pull request in the Hummingbot code repository. Each PRP will go through the process below:

  1. A Github pull request is created by any community member;
  2. Foundation staff creates a PRP in Snapshot linked to the pull request;
  3. The Foundation performs a preliminary review (e.g., for sufficient documentation, adequate unit tests, and the inclusion of developer contact information) and adds the results to the issue;
  4. The community has 7 days total to discuss, review, and vote on the PRP: a 4-day discussion/review period , and 3-day voting period .
  5. If at least 100,000 total HBOT tokens have voted (either directly or via delegation) and at least 50% of votes approve , the Foundation labels the Github pull request as “approved”;
  6. The Foundation performs a final review and merges the pull request into the development branch; and
  7. If the pull request is linked to a bounty or grants program, the Foundation directs the sponsor to release funds to the developer and invoices the sponsor for administration fees.

Note that the PRP quorum threshold has been reduced from 1,000,000 in the Governance whitepaper to encourage community participation.