Polygon connection support

Author: Z.YU 0x713

Hi, This is Z.YU. As a individual developer started project on Polygon and considering the increasing cost for new users to participate in Ether projects, I choosed the Polygon, which is relative netural comparing to Binance Smart Chain and and has active users comparing to the rests, as mainnet for the project.

For the liquidity mining provided by Hummingbot, I see it as a powerful tool for my community users to participate liquidity providing for the projects they are participating (as most people does not have the ability to make their own bot for dex liquidity mining). From the last discussion I get that the Hummingbot official is working on Avalanche connection support. Projects like ours might be involving with NFTs and DAO (required to use kits like Aragon and Opensea API to fit the end users’ habits), which needs to use certain features of Polygon.

So I just wondering if anyone shares the similar feedback from community? And how the Foundation thinks about adding Polygon connection.