March Release Candidate (1.2) - Staging branch review now active

Author: PHBR0 x58B

Original Post Date: 14 Mar 2022

With the objective to maintain high-quality standards for the Hummingbot Client, whenever a Release Candidate deployed into the staging branch, Hummingbot Foundation asks the community to test, review and contribute with fixes to that branch before the final release of the month.

This thread lists which Pull Requests have been added to the Release Candidate, and how Hummingbot Community members can contribute to maintain the high quality of every new release.*

RELEASE CANDIDATE 1.2 staging branch:

Release Proccess Recap

The deployment of a new version of the Hummingbot Client Release run through the following process:

  • Pull Request Proposals approved by the community through governance vote on the PRP Snapshot, will be added to the development branch after a final code-review by the Hummingbot Foundation Team.
  • Once all approved PRPs are added, the development branch will be moved to the staging branch, as the release candidate.
  • The staging branch can now be tested for bugs and/or any security-related issues before being deployed as a new Client version.

Contributing for the quality of a new release

Here are some ways to contribute to maintaining a high quality standard of the Hummingbot Project:

NOTE 1: All reports related to issues found on the staging branch should be reported on this thread, to allow all the community to track the issues found.

  • Test the staging branch and report on this thread any issues found. (How to run Hummingbot from source);
  • Check if all approved PRPs were included on the developmentstaging merge. (Look into the closed Pull Requests page on Github);
  • Submit a fix PR to staging. After creating the Pull Request, add the link on this thread for reference;

NOTE 2: A proposal to reward bug findings/fixing is currently being drafted here. If that proposal is approved, the current 1.2 release candidate is going to be elegible to reward bug reports.

February PRPs

The following PRPs have the respective vote finished before the end of February:

Title PRP Approved? Added to 1.2 staging?
#5081 feature / improving tables formatting Link Yes Yes
#5141 fix / order tracker not match orders with undefined ids Link Yes Yes
#5064 feat / add creation timestamp to in-flight orders Link Yes Yes
#5078 fix / trade fill CSV export columns Link Yes Yes
#5067 refactor / refactor PaperTradeExchange to use the BudgetChecker when simulating order fills Link Yes Yes
#5080 feat / Avellaneda - A multiplier to normalize the risk factor for all assets Link Yes Yes
#5088 fix / incorrect trade id in order filled event
Link Yes Yes
#5090 fix / fixing mexc tests Link Yes Yes
#5050 fix / XEMM allow auto set order amount Link Yes Yes
#5053 fix / XEMM order size taker volume factor Link No No
#5100 fix / Avellaneda validation fix Link Yes Yes
#5101 fix / binance perp delayed start mm Link Yes Yes
#5092 fix / RingBuffer’s c_get_as_numpy_array() doesn’t return the correct array Link Yes Yes
#5109 fix / quickstart with password Link Yes Yes
#5108 fix / TWAP - default values don’t make sense Link Yes Yes
#5014 feat/ PMM - Split and allow multiple order level spread Link Yes Yes
#5120 feat / separate order update from order fill in order tracker Link Yes Yes
#5119 fix / TWAP - fix issues found in TWAP Plus Link Yes Yes
#5118 fix / exception when no command provided Link Yes Yes
#5117 fix / config variable set to None after CTRL+X Link Yes Yes
#5005 feat/btc_markets connector Link No No

PR #5053 was not merged due to it did not meet the minimum quorum of 1M required at the time PR #5005 was not merged due to it did not meet the minimum quorum of 1M required at the time


Hotfixes are urgent Pull Requests are needed to fix high-priority bugs/vulnerabilities before the final release.