Manage multiple bots

A lot of users are running multiple bots to provide liquidity in different markets.
To manage them, they have to enter in each hummingbot instance in order to modify the params, start and stop the bots. This could be a very complicated task and at high level we want to find a solution that let the user do the following activities from a single GUI:
- Star
- Stop
- Change configurations
- Check performance

More details in this Notion Page: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

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:wave: dev of the Remote Command Executor + RogerThat solution here

RCE Currently uses websockets for communication but after speaking to klpanagi I can see the benefit in extending it to support MQTT and other protocols

I have working implementations of cross bot communication, I’ll list two scenarios here:

  • TradingView Alerts TO → RogerThat Broker TO AND FROM <-> Hummmingbot instances
  • Hummingbot instances TO AND FROM <-> Other Hummingbot instances via RogerThat broker

RogerThat acts as a broker for websocket messages, and using the RCE module of hummingbot the user is able to send messages / commands from one hummingbot instance to another. This can be achieved through user scripts or custom strategies - the RCE module includes broadcast and event hooks for this purpose.

Hooks included:

  • PMM Scripting broadcast and retrieval
  • Custom strategy broadcast and retrieval
  • User Scripts (New format) - broadcast included, retrieval needs user testing.