LATOKEN Exchange Connector Integration

Author: Ed Rouwendaal 0xA7b

Original Post Date: 9 May 2022

In following thread we will post issues and announcements related to our LATOKEN connector integration for Hummingbot

Author: Ed Rouwendaal 0xA7b

we posted pull request for our connector on above url

remaining issues where we need some help with from Hummingbot team

  • Save and restore on initialization of strategy, could be smoother, loading of our initial variables like trading rules from our API takes longer than the 5 seconds required by hummingbot framework (in timeout cancell all function in How can we have longer waiting time to let all our data load and maintain smooth functioning of strategy loading and save/restore from previous sessions?
  • We checked bitfinex unit test for save and restore but we noticed some irregularities, not sure if this an issue on our side, we added save and restore to let the unit test pass, is this OK?