June Release Candidate (1.5) - Staging branch review now active

Author: JeremyK 0x704

Original Post Date: 17 Jun 2022

With the objective to maintain high-quality standards for the Hummingbot Client, whenever a Release Candidate deployed into the staging branch, Hummingbot Foundation asks the community to test, review and contribute with fixes to that branch before the final release of the month.

This thread lists which Pull Requests have been added to the Release Candidate, and how Hummingbot Community members can contribute to maintain the high quality of every new release.*

RELEASE CANDIDATE 1.5 staging branch: GitHub - hummingbot/hummingbot at staging**

Release Process Recap

The deployment of a new version of the Hummingbot Client Release run through the following process:

  • Pull Request Proposals approved by the community through governance vote on the PRP Snapshot, will be added to the development branch after a final code-review by the Hummingbot Foundation Team.
  • Once all approved PRPs are added, the development branch will be moved to the staging branch, as the release candidate.
  • The staging branch can now be tested for bugs and/or any security-related issues before being deployed as a new Client version.

Contributing to the quality of a new release

Here are some ways to contribute to maintaining a high quality standard of the Hummingbot Project:

NOTE 1: All reports related to issues found on the staging branch should be reported on this thread, to allow all the community to track the issues found.

  • Test the staging branch and report on this thread any issues found. (How to run Hummingbot from source);
  • Check if all approved PRPs were included on the developmentstaging merge. (Look into the closed Pull Requests page on Github);
  • Submit a fix PR to staging. After creating the Pull Request, add the link on this thread for reference;

NOTE 2: A proposal to reward bug findings/fixing have been approved here. 1 Million HBOT is allocated fof Bug Findings and Bug Fixes. Check the proposal for detaisl on how to participate.

May PRPs

The following PRPs have the respective vote finished before the end of May:

Title PRP Approved? Added to 1.5 staging?
#5225 Feat/Add CoinFLEX Perpetual Connector Link Yes Yes
#5371 Feat/fixed grid strategy Link Yes Yes
#5257 Increase default gas limit for Ethereum Link Yes Yes
#5259 Prevent gateway from logging calls to ‘/‘ Link Yes Yes
#5246 Feat/ Remember the last strategy created or imported Link Yes Yes
#5266 Gateway: Validate changes to allowedSlippage Link Yes Yes
#5268 Check for node API key when starting a strategy that uses gateway Link Yes Yes
#5272 Restrict possible values for gasLevel in the ethereum gas station schema Link Yes Yes
#5264 Feat/latoken-connector-integration Link Yes No
#5262 Fix/Bybit_perpetual: randomly getting incorrect price precision in the best prices Link Yes Yes
#5263 Fix/Bybit_perpetual: HBOT_broker_ID not applied in the order_ID Link Yes Yes
#5265 Fix/Bybit Perpetual - Spot-perp arbitrage position mode issue Link Yes Yes
#5270 fix/allow users to pull full gateway config by not providing key Link Yes Yes
#5250 fix/set codec to utf-8 when opening config files Link Yes Yes
#5279 Feat/Adapt Trade Intensity Indicator to Use Trade Events Link Yes Yes
#5286 Fix/Bybit_perpetual: best price randomly getting desynchronized Link Yes Yes
#5292 Fix/Bybit_perpetual: available balance doesn’t update when possible liquidation is detected Link Yes Yes
#5296 Add a flag for start_command, if true do not let start_command run Link Yes Yes
#5354 feat/bybit connector Link Yes Yes
#5304 gateway: fix issues related to use of level db Link Yes Yes
#5302 Feat/uniswap v3 routes Link Yes Yes
#5307 Add a Traderjoe connector to gateway Link Yes Yes
#5308 Gateway: add option to Avalanche to use dynamic gas price Link Yes No
#5303 Fix/Align initial screen style with the rest of the client Link Yes Yes
#5313 feat/gate io connector update Link Yes Yes
#5293 Fix/Remove _last_recv_time variable from Binance Link Yes Yes
#5334 HIP-4 Part 1: Add a Curve connector for Ethereum to Gateway Link Yes No
#5335 Allow user to manage the gateway tokens they want reported with balance command Link Yes Yes
#5306 Feat/gateway v2 sushiswap connector Link Yes Yes
#5337 HIP-4 Part 3: Add the polygon chain Link Yes Yes

PR#5264 was not included in this release due to many code changes introduced in the PR after approval

PR#5308 and PR#5334 were not included in this release due to bugs found in this PR and the lack of time to test by QA


Hotfixes are urgent Pull Requests are needed to fix high-priority bugs/vulnerabilities before the final release.