Include More DB Drivers in Docker Build

Author: SoothsayerX 0xF34

Current docker image only includes the driver for SQLite.

I believe those of us running many instance of Hummingbot, or want a centralised db storage (for post-trade analytical purposes) would prefer logging trades in a different RDBMS such as PostgreSQL or MySQL/MariaDB. However, this means we would need to build the docker image ourselves every time a new release of Hummingbot is out, in order to work with a non-SQLite database.

It will be great if we can include extra db drivers (at least psycopg2 and pymsql/equivalent) future docker images so we can easily update to new releases. I believe the only change needed would be the extra lines for the db drivers in the environment.yml file, and subsequent new builds of the official Hummingbot image will support the extra RDBMS.