Improvement for order_amount not meeting the minimum exchange order requirement

Hi community,

We found this issue on some connectors where the client would likely display an error when the order_amount set is below exchange minimum order requirement or when running out of assets to create order for the next cycle. We thought of posting this here so we can discuss a better way for the client to do and improve the user experience.

Here’s the link of the issue ticket: Client: Error Message - Not meeting the exchange minimum order amount · Issue #5540 · hummingbot/hummingbot · GitHub

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We usually encounter this error in Pure Market Making (PMM) strategy. To resolve, we just need to manually intervene by stopping the bots, rebalance the assets, & start the bots again.

Maybe the best solution is to add an “Auto Rebalancer” feature, just like described in Jelle’s post.

I wish that @vik will also include this feature in PMM strategy. :pray:

I think this is a different issue from rebalancing, unless you’re talking about when inventory skew re-sizes the orders to too-small of an amount that is below minimum order amount.

This is when the user attempts to place orders below the minimum order amount, but since Hummingbot doesn’t know what that is, it lets the API request go through but that returns an error.

One solution is building in a minimum order size variable per exchange connector into Hummingbot, but that could be a rabbit hole since every exchange uses a different approach.

I thought the min amount is defined in the trading_rules, I believe get_order_size_quantum() in the connector and quantize_order_amount() in exchange_py_Base should prevent the order if it’s below the minimum size? hummingbot/ at development · hummingbot/hummingbot · GitHub

Yes, I’m referring to “when running out of assets to create order for the next cycle”, usually after order filled event. I noticed also that users reporting in discord is due to this situation.