[Idea] Earning HBOT with User-Generated Strategies

Author: fengtality 0x352

Original Post Date: 7 Jun 2022

As described in the Trading Competitions idea, the heartbeat mechanism in Hummingbot that sends volume data to the Foundation may be utilized to measure how much traded volume a user generates. Therefore, the Foundation can run trading competitions that reward the community for trading on certain exchanges.

Currently, data collected by heartbeat is limited to aggregated USD volume by exchange . However if we add the name of the strategy as an additional data point collected, it would allow us to organize programs that reward users for using Hummingbot with certain strategies, especially user-generated ones. User-generated strategies have been a big focal area for us in the past. Last year, we organized hackathons with Gitcoin and dYdX that resulted in the Aroon Oscillator and Hedge strategies, and many users have created their own strategies and scripts.

Therefore, if the community supports adding strategy as an additional field collected by heartbeat and setting aside a pool of HBOT tokens for this purpose, the Foundation could track and reward users with HBOT on a monthly basis for using strategies created by other users.

Please let us know if you’re interested in participating in this type of program, either as a strategy creator or user.

Author: Dolm 0x868

I love the idea. Often, it’s hard for people to share their money-making strategies without benefit.

If a strategy is ontributed by multiple people, then how to distribute it fairly will be a problem.

Author: Mcflurry 0x22b

I would imagine that either the submitter of the strategy would be rewarded fully and how they split it afterwards is entirely up to them.

Or the submitter of the strategy could also input how many % goes to whom and it is distributed from there. But this would also depend on how many contract calls that HBOT would have to do in order to do this. The first option might be more gas efficient.

Author: jamesPmagic 0x4eF

It’s a great idea. To clarify, would the HBOT be rewarded to strategy creators or to those who use the newly created strategies?

Author: fengtality 0x352

Current thinking that HBOT reward is based on usage volume of that strategy, tracked via heartbeat