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From the world’s most unique and innovative exchange comes several new ways to trade crypto options and derivatives. Trade bitcoin, ethereum, solana option contracts, and so much more. The platform offers a simple way to express a view on price, hedge risk and trade digital asset markets. For standardized time frames, parimutuel technology is used to distill trading down to a simple question of whether price will move higher or lower with a fair and straightforward payoff mechanism: out-of-the-money positions pay in-the-money positions.

I wanted to see if we would be able to support a connection to HXRO. I am new to proposals and would love to be educated on what is needed for this to happen.

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Crypto Options and Derivatives Connectors would be very much welcome addition to spot and perpetual exchanges. These might indeed be useful to hedge our positions in Liquidity Mining, and other trading strategies.

I am not quite sure yet on technical differences in integrating options connector. There were plans few months ago to organize an “Options DAO” to do research.

In case, do you have some technical skills and experiences in python, so you can help in its integration developments? or willing to give inputs on design parameters and strategies if with extensive experience in trading options?

Giving some information about what you can do and some plans might open up opportunities for collaboration among community devs and members.

My experience levels is beginner for both. Classically, i understand the options market mathematically but not enough in practice.

The HXRO team is hosting a workspace and I am able to work along side them for this month. They had communicated on creating a bot competition for their system and my first thought was looking into Hummingbot to see if this was possible. I have used Hummingbot for my senior project thesis on small sized market making strategies. I thought the two products would benefit from each other.

I was thinking since I was working closely with the team this month. I would propose this and help anyway I can. I will brush up on strategies and design.

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That’s a great opportunity indeed! Keep it up and don’t hesitate to ask questions in discord channel or create new thread or post here. Goodluck! :clinking_glasses:

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Hi Larning,

In regards specifically to the development of connectors, Pecunia.Finance DAO is available as a resource.

Let us know if the community is interested by tagging us here or pinging us at pecuniafinancedao@protonmail.com.

Cheers! :nerd_face: