Hummingbot's approach to connectors

Hey everyone,

The collapse of FTX has made us re-evaluate how Hummingbot supports exchange connectors. Currently, we spent the bulk of our bandwidth adding and maintaining new connectors, but the bulk of usage and fee share come from the top exchanges. In addition, the presence of connectors to exchanges like FTX that get hacked or rugged in the codebase may actually be harmful to our users.

Our proposed solution:

  • Focus maintenance efforts on the top CEX and DEX connectors
  • Hold regular votes that let HBOT holders decide which ones to support

Here is a Notion doc and Loom video that describe the proposal in more detail:

If there is agreement around these changes, we plan to roll them out at the start of Epoch 3 in Jan 2023. Let us know what you think here or on Discord!