Hummingbot Botcamp Mentorship - Mentors compensation

We would like to create a community of mentors that can help participants of the recent Hummingbot Botcamp. Mentors can improve the learning experience & community by providing tailored mentorship & support for developers during their botcamp journey.

More about the Hummingbot Botcamp

  • We have created a proposal with an original budget for the BotCamp here through HGP-21

  • We have launched the Hummingbot Botcamp that allows developers to create quantitative scripts and strategies using Hummingbot’s codebase, similar to NEAR Foundation’s program . See Hummingbot Bootcamp Plan for more information about the motivation and initial draft plan.

Criteria for mentors

  • We are aiming to recruit 5-10 mentors by the end of 2022 to support our Botcamp learning community. Mentors are selected by the community through voting, and are selected based on their developer experience, their support for the Hummingbot community, and their particular expertise relevant to the botcamp.

  • The criteria for mentors are:

    • To spend 10 hours per month
    • Work breakdown:
      • Attend monthly BotCamp live session and share scripts (1-2 hours / month)
      • Host office hours every week (1 hour / week)
      • Answer questions from participants on Discord (1 hour/week)
      • Creating user-friendly content for learning
    • Qualifications
      • Development experience in Python
      • Familiarity with Hummingbot codebase and Scripts component
  • Mentor feedback loop

    • Botcamp participants will be asked to score mentors based on their helpfulness
    • Top mentors will be awarded more HBOT tokens. (Mechanism defined in next section)

Treasury Allocation

Allocate 1M in HBOT till the end of Epoch 2.

Assumptions for HBOT Grant Proposal:

  • The number of mentors selected will be dependent on how many qualified applicants we receive.
  • The 1M HBOT allocation will first evenly split among the number of botcamp cohorts before the end of Epoch 2. (e.g. if there are 2 bootcamp cohorts before end of Epoch 2, each cohort will have an allocation of 500K HBOT tokens for mentors in that cohort)

For each cohort:

  • Base rate: 25% of the HBOT tokens allocated to the mentors of the cohort will be evenly distributed to the m number of mentors who are participating in all bootcamp cohorts (i.e. each mentor will be allocated at least = 1M / n cohorts / m mentors * 0.25)

  • Additional Reward: 75% of the HBOT tokens will be allocated to qualified mentors based on users’ weighted votes on how helpful they are,

    • Eg. if there are 5 qualified mentors (A, B, C, D, E) participating in all bootcamp cohorts by the end of epoch 2:
      • A, B gets total 5 votes from users
      • C, D, E gets total 10 votes from users
    • HBOT tokens A and B get each respectively = 1M / n cohorts * 0.75 * 1 / 8
    • HBOT tokens C, D, and E get each respectively = 1M / n cohorts * 0.75 * 1 / 4
    • Qualified mentors are mentors who have fulfilled the mentor requirements from the work breakdown section above

Mentorship Application Process

We will post on Discord a form for people to fill out to become potential mentors with the following information:

  • Github handle
  • Experience using Hummingbot codebase
  • Past projects / scripts built with Hummingbot
  • Experience in Python
  • Areas of expertise
  • The number of hours they can dedicate to serving community members


This grant will be open until the end of Epoch 2.

Any thoughts and comments welcome! Our goal is to provide participants with great mentors and provide a token of appreciation for mentors who have put into their work :slight_smile:

If you’d like to be a mentor, please let Michelle know Discord: michellelyc#6182

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Definitely agree that experienced and skilled mentors would make substantial impact on the learning experiences of the botcamp participants.

Also glad to see the enormous community eagerness to join this botcamp.

Looking forward for the highly qualified community developers to lend the needed strong hands to guide the participants.

Wondering how the mentors will be setup to help the participants.
Will each mentor be assigned to a specific group?

Will the office hours be opened to community?

And will it be for all botcamp participants and mentors together, 1 hr session/week?