[HIP] Ripple DEX Gateway connector

Hello HBOT-Community,

our team was asked to implement a Ripple connector for Hummingbot. The Ripple (XRP) Ledger is a chain with its primary user base in institutions and banks and use-cases such as international money transfers (partners like Western Union) and regulation-compliant transactions.

While Ripple may not be of the same liberal taste as Ethereum or Bitcoin, we believe this connector to be a boon to the Hummingbot community and especially the Foundation. If successful, we expect to see widespread use of Hummingbot in the Ripple ecosystem, as Hummingbot seems to have piqued interest at Ripple Labs, as well as large volumes from the resulting FX trade. We hope to make Hummingbot more attractive for institutional investors with this addition to the codebase.

While initially on a tight deadline to provide rudimentary Gateway functionality, we plan to release two PRs, one for the complete Gateway implementation (following Solana’s & Serum’s style of low-latency, CLOB connectors) and another one for the integration with existing Hummingbot strategies on the Client side.

As our team is currently working on the Solana integration as laid out here, we will focus on fully integrating Solana with pre-existing strategies before Ripple, so that we can be aware of potential pitfalls integrating CLOB DEXes with the Client.

The Ripple Ledger sports a built-in DEX functionality, which we aim to make accessible to Hummingbot users.

We aim for a bounty of 1,500,000 HBOT, half to be paid out on the Gateway PR and the other half when implementing the client-side functionality for easy deployment of scripts and strategies on the XRP Ledger DEX.

Link to the proposal: Snapshot