[HIP] Ref Finance on NEAR Protocol

Linked HGP : HGP-8 [DG] New Gateway-V2 Connectors

Description : Proposal to integrate NEAR Protocol into Gateway and build a connector for Ref Finance. The connector will be built following CoinAlpha’s standard of quality and performance.

URL : https://near.org/
Ref Finance : https://www.ref.finance/

NEAR is a carbon-neutral layer-1 blockchain network that is scalable and secure thanks to its unique implementation of sharding called Nightshade. NEAR is built with a focus on usability and ease of use, for both developers and users.

Source : Network – NEAR Protocol

Ref.finance is the first major DeFi application on the NEAR blockchain.

Since the launch of our automated market maker (AMM), the product and ecosystem have grown rapidly. Recently, the SKYWARD <> NEAR pair became the first to surpass $1 million in total value locked (TVL).

And this is just the beginning. Over time, Ref will grow from a single product (an automated market maker) into a first-of-its-kind suite of products running on a synchronous shard.

Source : Ref Finance and $REF. Ref.finance is the first major DeFi… | by Ref Finance | Medium

HBOT Allocation : 500,000 HBOT

The development work is divided into two parts:

  1. Create a new chain in Gateway to allow interaction with NEAR Protocol: https://docs.near.org/
  2. Build a Gateway connector for Ref Finance into Hummingbot: https://guide.ref.finance/
    This task also involves creating a new connector class on the client which will point to near protocol equivalent endpoints.