HIP-8 [DG] Gateway V2 connector for TraderJoe

Author: 0x5481…B54B

Original Post Date: 12 May 2022

Snapshot Proposal Link

The DEX connectors for TraderJoe will allow the Gateway project to intermediate trades with it as it currently does with Pangolin.

This improvement proposal includes the following work items:

  1. Adding the connector API routes, configurations, and logic for JoeTrader.
  2. Add the appropriate configuration UX flow to Hummingbot for setting up JoeTrader connector on Hummingbot side.
  3. Add user documentation for how to set up and use the new connector.
  4. Add unit tests for the connector.
  5. Perform end-to-end testing with the connector and the relevant strategies on Hummingbot, and make sure it works in a robust manner.

Last Post Date: 12 May 2022