HIP-12 [DG] Gateway connectors for Harmony chain including Defira DEX and Defi Kingdoms DEX

Author: wojak 0xB6B

Original Post Date: 30 Jun 2022

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  • Title: HIP-12 [DG] Gateway connectors for Harmony chain including Defira DEX and Defi Kingdoms DEX
  • Category: Gateway
  • Summary: Add gateway connectors for Defira DEX and Defi Kingdoms DEX on Harmony, add support for the Harmony blockchain
  • Linked HGP: HGP-8
  • Description: See text below.
  • Github Handles:
  • Ethereum Wallets:
    • mlguys: 0xB6B3140Eb3953BCE564f937948f98Ab5A8286a50
    • NavneethJayendran: 0xb8124bF4777d63c54f2879f6674E3C31Bb6fc1C9
    • projectbabelfish: 0x42C446e42AfE594A1c28DE25a02Be83266dB8DfD
  • Total HBOT requested: 900,000 HBOT
  • Total contributors: 3
  • Estimated Dev Days per contributor: 30 development days spread over 2 months
  • HBOT Per Day: 10,000 HBOT
  • Total HBOT for each contributor: 300,000 HBOT



Proposed Changes

Using Gateway-v2 Trading Interfaces as a reference, we propose to make the following changes to the gateway code base.

  • Add code to support Defira DEX.
  • Add code to support Defi Kingdoms DEX.
  • Add code to support the Harmony blockchain.
  • Make any required changes to the Hummingbot client to support these changes to the gateway.

Requirements for each change

  • Implement functionality
  • Provide unit tests or manual test scripts for gateway connectors
  • Manually run on the testnet and mainnet
  • Try each exchange with the Arbitrage strategy in Hummingbot
  • Request a PR


Building the connectors for Harmony chain has been one of the primary goals for ONE Liquidity DAO and we have been working together with community developers to make sure we can deliver them.


For this effort, we have recruited the following contributors:

Code Delivery and Presentation

We will make at least 3 PRs on the hummingbot repo:

  • Harmony blockchain by Wojak
  • Defira DEX by Naveeth
  • Defi Kingdoms DEX by AGHunter and Mobiwan

After connectors have been built, we at ONE Liquidity DAO will make sure that it works with Harmony DEXs through internal testing and will do a community call on Discord where we can answer any questions about the connectors and how to use them.

Current Progress and Delivery Estimation

By the time this proposal is created:

  • Harmony blockchain code has been finished and already merged into the code base
  • Defira DEX code has been finished and PR has been published.
  • Defi Kingdoms DEX code is 90% done, should take a few weeks to finish.

HBOT Distribution

Because there are 3 contributors to this effort, the HBOT tokens should be split among them as follow:

  • Wojak: 300,000 HBOT
    • wallet: 0xB6B3140Eb3953BCE564f937948f98Ab5A8286a50
  • Naveeth: 300,000 HBOT
    • wallet: 0xb8124bF4777d63c54f2879f6674E3C31Bb6fc1C9
  • AGHunter and Mobiwan: 300,000 HBOT
    • wallet: 0x42C446e42AfE594A1c28DE25a02Be83266dB8DfD


About Defi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is a browser-based game that gamifies decentralized finance (DeFi) activities through its 2D user interface on Harmony and Avalanche subnet, JEWEL being its native token. The game features DEXs, liquidity pool opportunities, and a market of rare, utility-driven NFTs, Defi Kingdoms

About Defira

Similar to DeFi Kingdom, Defira is a blockchain metaverse known as Defiraverse - with Tranquil finance integrated. It is the 2nd biggest project in Harmony. Defira

About ONE Liquidity DAO

The ONE Liquidity DAO (“Liquidity DAO”) is an open collective that exists as both an arm of the Harmony Protocol ecosystem, as well as a wing of the open source Hummingbot Foundation. It is an experimental, independent organization comprised of members from both the Hummingbot and Harmony communities that will promote liquidity on the Harmony Protocol and for the ONE token by leveraging the open source Hummingbot codebase and its community of liquidity providers. To learn more, please visit ONE Liquidity DAO

Author: fengtality 0x352

I voted YES for this HIP.

While the number of development days requested (30 total dev days for Harmony support and 2 connectors) are high relative to prior HIPs, the development team started this work while Gateway was still unstable and probably had to handle a lot of merge conflicts to keep their code updated with bug fixes and other improvements.