[HGP] Epoch 2 Review DAO funding

In Epoch 1, the election of Tech Review DAO was instrumental in letting the community help review pull requests and approve which ones should be merged into master. However, some of the elected members were busy with their day jobs or didn’t have the experience to review many of the pull requests submitted. Therefore, there was an over-reliance on certain members of the DAO to review PRs, while other developers in the community who may have had the time/experience to contribute were excluded due to the one-time election process.

In light of the experience from Epoch 1, the Foundation proposes a different arrangement for Epoch 2 that makes Review DAO more inclusive and decentralized:


  • Instead of a fixed 5-person squad elected at the beginning, we propose that Review DAO should be an open collective that anyone can apply to join (both Foundation staff and community members)
  • The Foundation will appoint the initial members, who are expected to be experienced developers in the Hummingbot community
  • Initial members set the DAO guidelines, application requirements, pull request acceptance criteria, and other rules
  • New members can apply to join the DAO. Once accepted, they can earn HBOT for reviewing pull requests.


  • Review DAO members conduct technical review of pull requests that the community has approved, as well as bug fixes
  • Review DAO members assign themselves pull requests that need review from the Pull Request Status Board
  • For each review they complete, they receive compensation from the Review DAO budget on a per-review basis based on their time/effort spent.
  • In addition to per-review compensation from Review DAO budget, reviewers receive 20% of the bounty, if one is attached to the issue.
  • Review DAO members are expected to discuss pull requests collectively and resolve conflicts through discussions in a shared private Discord channel

Foundation role

  • To allow Review DAO to focus on technical assessments and reviews, the Foundation’s role is to provide assistance and coordinating ongoing day-to-day operations. These tasks include:
    • Performing QA during voting and review processes
    • Managing bounty payouts
    • Merging pull requests once approved
    • Closing rejected issues and pull requests
    • Updating Bounties Board and Review Board
    • Providing regular reporting of Review DAO activities to the community


To attract qualified Hummingbot developers to apply to join Review DAO, the Foundation proposes that 3,000,000 HBOT tokens out of the 10,000,000 Community Work budget for Epoch 2 be allocated for Review DAO compensation.

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I think that is not a good idea that anyone can review a PR. I would like to explain this with two examples:

  1. Suppose that there is a person with bad intentions, he can create a PR with one account and review it from another account and that will mess up the codebase
  2. Suppose that one developer wants to merge an improvement, but the code isn’t good. He can ask a friend to review the PR and merge the code to get the bounty.

That’s why I think that the reviewers must be experienced Hummingbot Developers and be part of a SubDAO managed by the foundation, were we can assign the tasks to them and also reward them based on their performance.

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That’s a good point. I think the Foundation needs to define the criteria used for engineering and QA reviews first and make that process more transparent to the community. After there are clear guidelines for reviews, it will be easier to add community members to a DAO structure.