HGP-9 [IB] Distribute unclaimed HBOT tokens from initial launch through Hummingbot Miner

Author: PHBR0 x58B

Original Post Date: 1 Mar 2022

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Initiative Budget


Distribute all unclaimed HBOT tokens from the launch Retroactive Distribution (HBOT Launch announcement) throught the Miner Platform until the end of Year 1(2022), with the allocation to be defined by Coinalpha.


As stated on the HBOT launch announcement, 40,000,000 HBOT tokens were allocated to be distributed among Hummingbot Miners liquidity providers retroactively.

These tokens would be available to be claimed until February 28, and any HBOT tokens still unclaimed after this date would revert back to the Hummingbot Foundation Treasury to be distributed for the community until the end of Year 1.

In total, 28,375,643.44 HBOT tokens have been claimed by 689 Hummingbot Miner liquidity providers.

11,624,356.56 HBOT have not been claimed, and as established must be redistributed to the community.

Our proposal is to distribute the 11,624,356.56 unclaimed HBOT tokens throught the Miner platform, until the end of the Year 1, through liquidity mining campaings, with Coinalpha defining how these tokens would be allocated on the current and future liquidity campaings

Budget Allocation

All 11,625,356.56 HBOT tokens allocated to the initial retroactive distribution would be handed to Coinalpha to distribute this amount in full until de end of Year 1, through Liquidity mining campaings on the miner platform.

Author: PHBR0 x58B

Edit: Correct amount of tokens to be distributed

Author: AG Hunter 0x3d5

How will the distribution be allocated. Will it be proportional to mining activity over the coming period as was don’t for the initial distribution. Or will it be at the discretion of Coin Alpha how it will be used.

Author: PHBR0 x58B

Coinalpha will define the allocation for each campaing. Only hard rule on te proposal is that the total amount of tokens must be distributed until the end of this year.