HGP-8 [DG] New Gateway-V2 Connectors

Author: PHBR0 x58B

Original Post Date: 1 Mar 2022

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Development Grant


This proposal establish the budget allocation to reward the development of Gateway v2 deployment and improvement.

It covers the implementation of the base architecture, as described on the Gateway v2 redesign document, and any additional improvements after the merge of the gateway-v2 branch into the developmentbranch.


Last year (2021), Coinalpha started the rework of Gateway (an additional module for the Hummingbot Client that functions as an interface to Blockchain Protocols), redesigning its architecure to make it more flexible and more universal.

NOTE: Currently, the development of Gateway v2 is happening on the gateway-v2 . Developers looking to request a share of this grant must stay attentive to when this branch get merged into development

This Developer Grant proposal, once approved, stablishes the budget allocation of 1 Million HBOT tokens that can be requested as a reward by Community Developers looking to contribute with the development and improvement of Gateway v2.

Check this page for instructions on how to request participation in this Grant

To request a share of the budget allocated to this Dev Grant, the **HIP must contain:

  • What is the proposed improvement? (code architecture, blockchain/protocol connection, efficiency improvement, Client-Gateway interface, etc);
  • What is the proposed implementation? (wich parts of the code would be changed, what would be added/removed, etc)
  • How many HBOT tokens is being requested? (check the [grant guidlines](add link to guidelines) to some suggestions of how much to request)
  • A link to this Dev Grant proposal

Disqualification conditions

All HIP requesting a the participation on this grant will be disqualified if:

  • The proposed have no relation to the development and/or improvement of Gateway v2

Grant timeframe

This grant will be available throught the duration of Epoch 1


  • Date of the approval of this proposal - Requests for this Dev Grant is open
  • June 30 - Final date to create proposals requesting participation in this Dev Grant

Treasury Expenses

  • 3,000,000 HBOT to be paid for Developers that create new connector for Gateway V2