HGP-7 [IB] - Create Technical Review DAO

Author: PHBR0 x58B

Snapshot Proposal Link

This is a Governance Proposal Draft.

The Hummingbot Foundation asks the community to discuss the current draft as a way to improve the proposed details before a formal HGP is created.

This thread will be open for discussion for 7 days, after wich a final version of the proposal will be added to Snapshot.

Draft start


This proposal establishes the Technical Review DAO, a self-directed, independent 5-person squad, elected from Hummingbot community members, who are responsible for the reviewing pull Github pull in associated Pull Request Proposals (PRP).

We propose a 2,500,000 HBOT grant to compensate DAO members for their work from March 1st to June 30th, the end of Epoch 1.


Initiative Budget Allocation


As defined in Proposals, all pull requests to the Hummingbot Github repository must be approved via Pull Request Proposals (PRP).

Each PRP lasts for 7 days, split into:

  • Pending: 4-day period that allows anyone in the Hummingbot community can test the pull request, evaluate code quality, and leave feedback
  • Active: 3-day period when voting is active

To help the Hummingbot community properly evaluate the Github pull requests in each PRP, the Hummingbot Foundation proposes the creation of a Technical Review DAO composed of 5 community members to review and evaluate the code associated with all PRPs created until the end of Epoch 1 (June 30, 2022).

The DAO members’ primary job is review and leave detailed feedback as comments to Github pull requests associated with any incoming PRPs during the Pending period, which helps community members vote during the Active Period. We expect that DAO members should budget 10 hours per week or less.

The DAO is expected to self-organize, self-report, and operate independently, so we encourage a diverse set of skillsets amongst the 5 members. DAO members are responsible for holding and allocating the tokens, and will have full authority to disburse the token grant between its members.

We propose to open up applications and hold elections for the Technical Review DAO during February 2022 and have them start on March 1, 2022.

For Technical Review DAO’s ****work from March 1, 2022 to June 30th, the end of Epoch 1, we propose to give the DAO a 2,500,000 HBOT grant. Funding will occur after the election, when the elected DAO members have established a 3/5 Gnosis SAFE multi-sig wallet.

If the DAO’s work proves useful, we hope that the community creates a DAO re-election HGP for Epoch 2.

Election Process

Since the need to code reviews for Pull Request Proposals is imminent and necessary, here is the plan below assumes that this HPG will be approved.

Therefore, the Foundation will begin coordinating elections for Technical Review DAO ASAP.

February 23: Applications are open

  • Current Budget allocation proposal is created on Snapshot.
  • Hummingbot Foundation team will create a Post on the Commonwealth Forum titled Technical Review DAO Applications
  • Applicants should reply to the above topic with a thread containing:
    • why they should be elected (experience with trading, engineering, and/or Hummingbot)
    • Ethereum address that they will use to participate in the multi-sig
  • The Application post will be open for 7 days

March 09: Applications are closed

  • Final day for community members to apply as candidates for the Technical Review DAO.

March 10: Election is open

  • Once the Application ****thread is closed, the Hummingbot Foundation Team will create a Hummingbot Improvement Proposal (HIP), listing those that applied as a candidates.
  • The HIP will use the Weighted voting proposal type.
  • HBOT token Holders will be able to vote to any number of candidates, and the 5 candidates that receive the most votes will be elected as part of the Technical Review DAO

March 17: Election is closed

  • If approved, the budget for the Technical Review DAO is approved.
  • Afterwards, the 5 elected members should self-organize and establish a Gnosis SAFE 3/5 multi-sig wallet.

Treasury Allocation

We propose a total amount of [2,500,000] HBOT tokens. Rationale:

  • HBOT guideline for Epoch 1: 20,000 HBOT/day, 2,500 HBOT/hour based on an 8-hour workday
  • Hours/week: 10 hours or less
  • Duration: 20 weeks
  • Members: 5
  • Rationale: 10 hours/week * 2500 HBOT/hour * 20 weeks * 5 members = 2,500,000 HBOT

Budget Distribution

Once the Technical Review DAO has been elected, the 5 elected members will have to create a 3/5 multi-sig wallet using Gnosis Safe.

The address of this wallet must be sent to the Hummingbot Foundation Team.

The Hummingbot Foundation team will then create a scheduled Spending Limit allowance for a weekly distribution of the budget

The Foundation will use the Gnosis SAFE allowance mechanism to distribute 2,500,000 HBOT tokens to Technical Review DAO’s wallet regularly over the period from March 10 to June 30, 2022.

Every week, 125,000 HBOT tokens will be available for the Technical Review DAO ****multi-sig wallet withdraw. The DAO will control how these tokens are distributed to members.


Technical Review DAO should regularly inform the community of their progress.

We suggesting posting a monthly thread on the Commonwealth forum informing the community of their progress:

  • Percentage of pull request proposals with review comments
  • Level of contribution by each DAO member
  • Self-assessment and retrospective over the past month

Author: Rich 0x7d1

Hello team, I am very happy to introduce myself here, I am a quantitative trading enthusiast, also a hummingbot minner user and a member of the eagle club, I have been a market maker on the hummingbot minner platform since June 2021 last year. Although I am a beginner in quantitative trading, I am learning python by myself, and I hope to improve the development ability of quantitative strategies by conducting technical exchanges with community members on the hummingbot platform. If I am fortunate enough to be selected as a member of the Technical Review DAO, I will try my best to get the job done and contribute to the community, thank you.

Author: arti.eth 0x3a7

I would like to know why a technical audit team needs to form a separate DAO when the humminbot foundation can simply payout an allowance via the gnosis allowance module? What is the reasoning behind this choice?

Author: PHBR0 x58B

The idea is that this team daily’s operationts functions independent from the Hummingbot Foundation Team.

The Foundation and the Community would establish

  • What are the goals of the DAO (What is the scope of the work of the Review Community Team)
  • What should be reported back to the community
  • What is the budget allocated
  • Election of the sub-DAO members

The internal operations and how the respective compensation of the team members would work would be decided among the sub-DAO elected members

Author: PHBR0 x58B

Adding to the response above:

The allowance module could be used to set the periodic funding of the sub-DAO, breaking down the payment of the funding accross months (or weeks) but the members of this sub-DAO would be the ones defining their internal rules on how the compensation of their members would be executed.

The goal is to experiment with a self-governed sub-DAO, with the Foundation defining defining the goals/deliverables this sub DAO would present.

That way we could establish the continuation of the sub-DAO funding to the set of goal established by the Foundation during its inception.

Author: PHBR0 x58B

There is two system we could approach here though:

a. 1 sub-DAO, the 5 wallets related to the Technical Review DAO members are the owners of the gnosis safe. Foundation sets the spending limit with the full budget, broken down across months or weeks, with the sub-DAO wallet as beneficiary

b. Sub-DAO gnosis safe is not created. The Technical Review Team still manage itself, but publish a periodic (weeks/month) defining how many HBOT tokens should be rewarded for each member. Their wallets would be added as spending limit beneficiary on the Foundation DAO

a = less management for the Foundation, more management for the sub-DAO

b = more management for the Foundation, “less” management for the sub-DAO (still need to spend time to create the rewards report)

Author: weltam 0x94F

if this still open i would love to join.


My core background in software engineering, big data, high perf and distributed system. Has been AWS Community Leaders and Data Engineering Indonesia community leaders, etc. Previously works on multiple domains like banking, energy, AI startup and recently works on crypto industry.


I love community and i love software and open source. HB OSS community is really welcoming community and quite open for sharing knowledge in finance. Which is quite rare in financial. Open sourcing the code is also a huge move to open the knowledge about market efficiency and the real operations of how financial markets works for everyone.

So with that i would love to contribute from tech perspective while learning and collaborating with people from crypto industry. So we can make the crypto world legit and shine as everything is wide open, collaborative while still giving the incentive to the community and organization

Work Plan

  1. Learning about the code base and how each components works
  2. Working together with the core developers to know the current concern and improvement so it’s can be align with the proposal and also direction of OSS
  3. Working on improving documentation as it will give more people eyes to the internal of the engine. This give a people knowledge as i see a lot of request in discord is how to get familiar with codebase.
  4. Getting to know the team members etc. Code of conduct and deciding the collaboration plan and mechanism
  5. Working with prioritizing the proposal, collaborate asynchronously while maintaining the autonomy
  6. Diving into the previous issues and concern from community like how to make hummingbot easier for adding new strategy, modification, GUI and also easier for people that comes from different background as the key is democratizing liquidity and make market efficient without being a giant
  7. Actively finding new way to enhance the review process, the latest software engineering technology process, techniques and also security parts of the system.

Author: PHBR0 x58B

Yes, this is still open. The current discussion is to define the final form of the proposal, so feel free to add any suggestions about it.

Once the proposal is approved, a new thread will be created for applicants to the Technical Review DAO.

Author: weltam 0x94F

ah. ok. understood. let me think about the improvement and get back to this one.


Author: PHBR0 x58B

Proposal Updated

Author: PHBR0 x58B

Original Post Date: 23 Feb 2022

Thread to apply as candidate for the Technical Review DAO: Commonwealth