HGP-21 [IB] Hummingbot BotCamp

Author: fengtality 0x352

Original Post Date: 1 Jul 2022

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Hummingbot BotCamp


Initiative Budget


Launch a bootcamp that teaches developers to create quantitative trading scripts and strategies using Hummingbot, similar to NEAR Foundation’s program.

See Hummingbot Bootcamp Plan for more information about the motivation and initial draft plan.

Treasury Allocation

Allocate 2.0M HBOT to reward developers that receive BotCamp module certifications and to reward reviewers who verify their work.

Assumptions for HBOT grant proposal:

  • 50 participants for each BotCamp module
  • 40% (20) finish the module final assignment
  • 5 best solutions: 50k HBOT * 5 = 250K HBOT
  • 15 extra solutions: 10k HBOT * 15 = 150K HBOT
  • 20 solution reviews by BotCamp review team: 10k * 20 = 200k HBOT
  • Total: 600K HBOT * 3 modules = 1.8M HBOT
  • Remaining 0.2M HBOT proposed is a buffer in case there are more developers

Initial BotCamp Modules

Scripts Developer I

  • Start Date: August 1, 2022
  • What You’ll Learn: Hummingbot basics, how to create a utility trading Script

HFT Fundamentals I

  • Start Date: September 1, 2022
  • What You’ll Learn: High frequency theory and practice, creating market making / arbitrage Scripts

Scripts Developer II

  • Start Date: October 3, 2022
  • What You’ll Learn: Building DEX trading bots using Hummingbot Gateway, creating CEX-to-DEX arbitrage and market making Scripts

Application Process

To participate in BotCamp, developer will complete an application form with the following information:

  • Github handle
  • Public Ethereum address where the HBOT will be sent
  • Experience in trading (Low / Medium / High)
  • Experience in Python (Low / Medium / High)

Certification and Rewards


  • Participate in all sessions of a BotCamp module
  • Complete the module final assignment
  • Have the assignment successfully checked by the BotCamp review team
  • Developers will receive a NFT certification for successfully completing each module’s final assignment
  • In addition, the top solutions will receive 50k HBOT reward, while other developers will receive 10k HBOT each
  • The BotCamp review team, which consists of experienced Hummingbot community developers, will conduct the reviews (10k for each review) and select the top solutions


This grant will be open until the end of Epoch 2.

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