HGP-19 [DG] Get Hummingbot connector forks into the codebase!

Author: fengtality 0x352

Original Post Date: 11 Jun 2022

Snapshot Proposal Link


While the Hummingbot codebase has 30+ exchange connectors, the Foundation is aware of many other exchange connectors in external Hummingbot forks.

In reported volume tracked by heartbeat, we see many other exchanges listed. For instance, this Google Sheet lists the volume reported over the past 2 weeks. The exchanges highlighted in yellow are not in the official Hummingbot codebase, yet they are reporting a meaningful level of volume.

These exchange connectors include:

  • Bitthumb
  • Lbank
  • xt.com
  • Upbit
  • Symbridge
  • Jump (Redwood)
  • CoinOne
  • Peatio
  • and many more!

Since Hummingbot is an open source, community-driven project, the Foundation wishes to encourage external developers who have built these forks to submit them into the open source codebase.


We propose to allocate a total budget of 2,000,000 HBOT toward this initiative. To request a share from this budget, developers should submit a Hummingbot Improvement Proposal (HIP) at Snapshot with a link to their Hummingbot fork that contains the code.

Developers may use the Epoch 1 20,000 HBOT/dev day guidance in determining how much of the budget to request. Approval by HBOT token holders will be subject to the level of interest in the exchange connector by community members, the amount requested, and the code quality / functionality of the connector.

As mentioned in this thread, the FTX perpetual HGP was rejected and the Foundation will refrain from creating HGPs that reference specific grantees in the future.