HGP-15 - Aidrop HBOT tokens to community developers

Author: PHBR0 x58B

Original Post Date: 15 Apr 2022

Snapshot Proposal Link


Initiative Budget


  • Allocate 2M HBOT to be airdropped to developers that want to contribute to the improvement of the Hummingbot Client code-base;
  • The goal of this airdrop is to allow developers to create Governance proposals related to code-base improvements;
  • Developers will be able to claim 10k HBOT tokens - Amount needed to create HIPs;
  • Developers looking to receive this airdrop will need to fill a form with the following information:
    • Github handle;
    • At least one Pull Requested targeted at the development branch of the Hummingbot official repository
    • An Ethereum address where the HBOT will be sent to.
  • The airdrop will be open until the end of Epoch 2 (2022-12-31)


To keep improving the codebase to make Hummingbot the best free automated tool, the Hummingbot Foundation thinks that attracting new developers to the community is a goo way to improve the brain power contributing with the improvement of Hummingbot Client.

The community have already approved some Dev Grants and Initiative Budgets to distribute more HBOT tokens](Active Governance Proposals - Hummingbot Foundation), and those can be claimed by anyone that submit a proposal requesting a participation on the distribution of these rewards.

Participation on some of these reward allocations however require the creation of HIPs, wich require the minimum amount of 10k HBOT tokens to be able to create one.

Therefore, with the goal to allow and increase the participation of new and old developers, Hummingbot Foundation proposes to allocate a budget of 2 Million HBOT tokens to be airdropped to developers that want to contribute with the Hummingbot code-base.

Each developer that is elegible to receive this airdrop will 10k HBOT tokens each.

Airdrop Eligibility

The requirements to be elegible to receive this airdrop are:

  • Created at least one pull request to the Hummingbot Client repository, targeting the development branch
    • The Pull Request can contain cone changes of any size, as long as it is useful (i.e. A PR changing a code comment will not be considered valid);
    • Both Merged and Closed Pull Requests are acceptable;
    • Pull Requests created at any moment in time can be submitted for appreciation

How to Request the Airdrop

Hummingbot Foundation will publish the link to a Form on as a thread on the Hummingbot Commonwealth Forum and the hummingbot.org maing page.

Developers will have to submit the following information:

  • Github handle
  • Discord handle
  • Link to at least one Pull Request
  • A public Ethereum address

After the information is submitted, Hummingbot Foundation team will check the information and schedule the airdrop.

Budget Allocation

  • 2 Million HBOT tokens allocated to be airdropped to developers that submitted at least one Pull Request to the Hummingbot Client main code base.