HGP-13 [IB] - Match HBOT to ONE reward from ONE Liquidity DAO liquidity campaign

Author: wojak 0xB6B

Original Post Date: 29 Mar 2022

Snapshot Proposal Link


Initiative Budget


This proposal establishes the budget allocation of 112,500 HBOT tokens to reward traders who participate in ONE Liquidity DAO liquidity campaign on OKX exchange.


ONE Liquidity DAO is experimenting with more ways to provide liquidity for projects and the liquidity campaign for ONE on OKX exchange is our first attempt at promoting the liquidity and expanding the Hummingbot ecosystem.

By matching HBOT tokens to our liquidity campaign rewards, it would attract more miners to provide liquidity on new exchanges and also expand the usage of Hummingbot Client.

With this Initiative Budget, miners can get an additional amount of HBOT tokens that match their ONE rewards from the liquidity campaign.

For more details about our campaign, please visit: http://bounty.liquiditydao.finance/

For campaign announcement and terms, please visit: Discord

Participation Rules

Miners need to submit their ERC20 wallet address during the signup process of ONE Liquidity DAO liquidity campaign to receive the matched amount of HBOT rewards by the end of the liquidity campaign.

Disqualification conditions

Miners who don’t submit their wallet address during the signup process of ONE Liquidity DAO liquidity campaign.

Budget Allocation

112,500 HBOT to be shared among miners who participated in ONE Liquidity DAO liquidity campaign

Reward Distribution

The reward will be distributed to the miners by Liquidity DAO. By the end of our liquidity mining campaign, we will tally up the rewards earned by all miners and match them with HBOT tokens. The matching ratio will be 1:5, 1 ONE token will be matched with 5 HBOT tokens.

After we finalized the matched HBOT tokens, we will send the rewards to miners’ wallets on the Ethereum blockchain. We will use multi sender tools like https://multisender.app/ to send the token to miners.

About ONE Liquidity DAO

The ONE Liquidity DAO (“Liquidity DAO”) is an open collective that exists as both an arm of the Harmony Protocol ecosystem, as well as a wing of the open source Hummingbot Foundation. It is an experimental, independent organization comprised of members from both the Hummingbot and Harmony communities that will promote liquidity on the Harmony Protocol and for the ONE token by leveraging the open source Hummingbot codebase and its community of liquidity providers. To learn more, please visit http://liquiditydao.finance/.

Author: cgambit 0xdEa

This is fantastic initiative! I am supporting & joined the ONE liquidity campaign in OKex. Its true that weekly rewards need to boost to be more attractive. I knew some users have prepared & setup account but did not continue due to insufficient rewards for more users in the campaign.

A match of 1:5 is good. Imo, a match of 1:10 will be great & looks attractive! :slight_smile:

Author: wojak 0xB6B

1:10 sounds like a good idea!

Author: wojak 0xB6B

Hey guys, I have converted the draft into official proposal which I have linked to this thread.

So I have doubled the amount of HBOT as @cgambit suggested. I hope with this change, the matching amount will attract even more miners to the campaign!

Everyone is welcome to cast their vote!