HGP-11 [IB] - External Integrations with Hummingbot Client

Author: PHBR0 x58B

Original Post Date: 9 Mar 2022

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Inititative Budget


This proposal establish the budget allocation of 2,000,000 HBOT tokens to reward the development of External Tools that are integrated with Hummingbot Client.

Developers looking to participate on this Initiative Budget can deploy their tools outside of the Hummingbot Client github repository, as long as they are accessible to the Hummingbot Community.


One of the Hummingbot Foundation Goals is to expand the Hummingbot Ecosystem beyond the development of the Hummingbot Client.

A practical example of that is the well known Telegram Integration, where Hummingbot users are able to receive information and remotly send commands to their Client Instances.

This Initiative Budget proposal, once approved, stablishes the allocation of 2 Million HBOT tokens that can be requested as a reward by Community Developers that want create external tools to improve the experience of using the Hummingbot Client.

A section on hummingbot.org will be created to list all the community initiatives.

Participation Rules

To request the participation on this Initiative Budget, the developer must follow these steps:

1 - Create a **HIP in a similar format of a Dev Grant Request, with the linked to this proposal, and with the amount of tokens he/she wants to received for the work.

2 - If the HIP is approved, the requested amount will be allocated to it.

3 - Once finished, the developer must create a Thread on the [Hummingbot Commonwealth Forum](https://commonwealth.im/hummingbot-foundation/discussions/3. HIP - Discussions), on the HIP - Discussions section, with detailing the implementation, along with instructions on how to use/install the External Tool.

4 - Hummingbot Foundation team will test the implementation. If it fulfills all that was proposed on the HIP created by the developer, the reward will be sent.

Disqualification conditions

All HIP requesting a the participation on this grant will be disqualified if:

  • The proposed implementation have no relation to the development and/or improvement of External Tools integrated with Hummingbot Client;
  • To receive the reward approved on the HIP, The Commonwealth Thread with details and instructions on how to use the External Tool must be created before the end of Epoch 1.

Budget timeframe

This grant will be available throught the duration of Epoch 1

Related Discussions

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  • Date of the approval of this proposal - Requests for this Initiative Budget is open
  • June 30 - Final date to create proposals requesting participation in this Initiative Budget

Treasury Expenses

  • 2,000,000 HBOT to be paid for Developers External Tools Integrated with Hummingbot Client