HGP-10 [GC] - Remove 4 days pending period for PRPs

Author: PHBR0 x58B

Snapshot Proposal Link

Governance Proposal Draft for Discussion.

This is a Governance Proposal Draft.

The Hummingbot Foundation asks the community to discuss the current draft as a way to improve the proposed details before a formal HGP is created.

This thread will be open for discussion for 7 days, after wich a final version of the proposal will be added to Snapshot.

Draft start


  • Change the current PRP voting period from 4 days pending, 3 days for voting, to 7 days open for voting.
  • Once a PRP is created, no changes will be allowed to the respective Pull Request. If changes are made after the PRP creation date, the proposal will be considered invalid.


Governance Changes


Currently, PRPs have a voting period of 7 days, divided by the following periods after it’s creation:

  • 4 days pending - Period of time to allow the community to review the Pull Request attached to the PRP
  • 3 days open voting - Period where no more changes should be made to the Pull Requests

When this system was conceptualized, the expectation was that during the 4 days where the proposal was pending, the Hummingbot community would have enough time to review the Pull Request, and the developer would make any change needed before the voting was opened.

As PRPs started to be created, some of them didn’t reached the needed quorum to be approved, altough the majority of votes approved the PRP.

Since some proposals have reached the minimum quorum required for approved, it is possible that having only 3 days to cast votes might be a very small window for the community to pay close attention to check when PRPs are open for voting.

To increase the time window where the votes will be cast, reducing the amount of time a community member would have to look into the PRP Snapshot page, therefore increase the amount of participation on the governance process, we propose:

  • Reduce the 4 days Pending time;
  • Increase the voting period to 7 days
  • Add the Governance rule: A PRP will be considered invalid if the respective Pull Request is changed after it’s creation)

Author: Dipfit 0xD8A

Add the Governance rule: A PRP will be considered invalid if the respective Pull Request is changed after it’s creation)

But what about commits to fix merging conflicts with the target branch? If during the 7 days another PRP is merged which introduces changes which cannot be auto-merged with the current PRP, making changes to it would then result in an invalid PRP?

Author: PHBR0 x58B

Original Post Date: 3 Mar 2022

Since the PRP have already been approved, the respective PRs will be marked as able to merge.

If Merge conflicts appears after the approval of the proposal, Foundation QA team will reach out for the developer that created the PR to fix the conflicts, once they start to merge the approved PRs.

Fixing merge conflicts won’t affect the approval of the PRP.