HGP-1 [GC] Confirmation of current Board of Directors

Author: PHBR0 x58B

Original Post Date: 31 Jan 2022

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Board of Directors election


Confirm the initial Board of Directors of the Hummingbot Foundation and defines term period.


As written on the Hummingbot Foundation White paper, the Board of Directors oversees the Foundation:

Similar to the Linux and Apache Foundations, the Hummingbot Foundation’s Board of Directors will provide oversight over the Foundation and its staff, as well as manage the HBOT multi-sig wallet. All transfers of HBOT from the wallet will be approved by a majority of the Board.
The initial 5-person Board of Directors will be elected by HBOT holders. Board members will serve 12-month terms and will not receive any compensation for Board service. No more than a maximum of 2 Board members will be full-time employees and/or directors of the same outside entity, such as CoinAlpha.

This proposal confirms the initial interim Board of Directors composed of the 5 members listed in the HBOT announcement and below. They are appointed for a term starting on January 1st, 2022 and ending on January 1st, 2023:

Michael Feng CEO, CoinAlpha 0xfC17747C89E93E2deeAdA88419e857a907A20313
Gene Cheon CFO, Hummingbot Foundation 0xd506d13498B19A2E9DC293876f498AFD021EA27d
Brett Gibson Initialized Capital, CoinAlpha Director 0x64b8457C3977a2f8ca7D7C00b0435aED27CA34C3
Arthur Cheong DeFiance Capital 0xf68142d964297aDB5866CF08885Dc299AA4058f5
Howard Chu Hummingbot user and Eagle Club member 0xB5d24123578C08AC699eBF3b651cE92A9041B8AE

Near the end of this term, a Snapshot election will enable HBOT token holders to re-elect the Board of Directors for the following 12-month term. Anyone interested in becoming part of the Board of Directors will be able to apply as a candidate.


  • Upon approval of this proposal, the candidates listed above will be on the Board of Directors for the 2022 term.
  • Upon the approval of this proposal, the elections rules described above are established as the Board of Directors election process, and any changes must go through a Governance Proposal.