Helpful members reward system

Author: X Chop 0x873

Original Post Date: 6 Mar 2022

Some Hummingbot users need developer advice in Discord. Mostly the ones who are writing their own connectors and strategies, some questions are also related to just error messages that developers in our community can answer.

The problem is there is not a lot of participation from developers. So I’m wondering if we can set up a reward / incentive system to members who help each other? Post your ideas as comments below.

Author: cgambit 0xdEa

This is an awesome idea especially for members that really need help in sorting out some coding issues encountered, or getting feedback/suggestions on writing usable python snippets.

Here are some of our suggestions with concrete steps:

  1. Create CommonWealth Channel

-Channel name maybe “Dev Help”, “Dev Q&As”, etc. Open for suggestions… Reason is to keep these discussions as future references for all members.

  1. Create Initiative Budget Allocation (IB) Proposal & Community Voting

-To kickstart this idea, to propose how much HBOT to be allocated for this incentive rewards, usage rules, & expected impact.

  1. Creating Win-Win Scenario

-After IB period or budget is over (#2 above), we can have option that anyone needing assistance, will be one to offer HBOT rewards to all that can contribute solve his/her issues or provide python snippets. Rewards amount can vary. We can have sustainable rewards system.

Please feel free to further expand with details on points above.

Author: X Chop 0x873

This sounds great. What’s the next step for us?

Author: cgambit 0xdEa

I will gather some help from other community members to draft IB Proposal, and then post here for us to refine, via discussions/suggestions.

Author: Lefty 0x9F8

Actually I am afraid that monetizing mutual help among community members could harm the community and make people unwilling to help without a reward.

Author: cgambit 0xdEa

That could be true to a certain extent. That is why the item 2 above is good for kickstarting purpose only. For long-term sustainability, we need item 3 above. We can say that developer skills & knowledge are scarce resources that we need to give value, in return of helping us achieve our goal. Win-win as we want to call it. I opined that there will always be type of people who is willing to help without monetary incentives, & also opposite do exist. I would go take risk in giving incentives for faster outcome. Cheers!

Author: AG Hunter 0x3d5

I think this is a great idea. I would support it. It is very hard to find dev support for small projects, so creating an incentive system to help small users would be of great use.

Author: Arnel 0xF20

A reward system is a great idea because it gives opportunities to our skilled members of the community an outlet to help others, that are otherwise observing and are not as active on discord. I agree, In the long run, it will make for a robust and helpful community that will sustain itself by the efforts and involvement of the community members.

Author: PHBR0 x58B

While this idea is good at first, as @Lefty mentioned, if implemented badly, this could be harmful.

@X Chop I suggest creating a Proposal Draft on HGP, as an Initiative Budget, outlining how this program would work, and keep the discussion going.

The ideia is interesting, but the details of the mechanics of a program like this is the core of how this program would work.

Check our site for better details on how to create proposals (Hummingbot Governance Proposals (HGP) - Hummingbot Foundation) and also take a look at the approved HGP [IB] for an idea about the format of the proposal.