HBOT/AVAX pool on TraderJoe now live!

Following the approval of HGP-20 [LD] Create Liquidity pool on Trader Joe (Avalanche), the Foundation has created the pool outlined in the proposal.

The Foundation created the pool with 10,000 USDC worth of AVAX and 10,000 USDC worth of HBOT tokens using the real-time prices for AVAX/USDC at TraderJoe (AVAX) and USDC/HBOT at Uniswap (ETH), respectively:

  • Pool link: Trader Joe
  • Transaction link: [to be filled in]
  • Creation time: July 7, 7:28am PST / 10:58pm HKT
  • HBOT amount: 1,087,370
  • AVAX amount: 508.51