Gnosis Chain Connector

Author: Anonymous 0x92e

Original Post Date: 20 Jun 2022

Hi There,

Greetings from Karpatkey and Gnosis Team!

We are here with the request to have a dedicated connector for the Gnosis Chain with the defined strategies! Basically we want to leverage the Hummingbot’s features and use the trading bot for the various use cases (mostly arbitrage first)!

Please guide us with the proper approach and let us know from where we can start or what would be the first steps to partner with the community?

Waiting eagerly with the positive response!



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Author: PHBR0 x58B

Hello Darmendra,

Hummingbot Foundation doesn’t have a fixed tech team to implement new connectors directly, but you can have your own team develop the connector, or reach out the community developers to do it for you.

To get in touch with our community devs, got into our discord and use the #developer-chat.

For more details on the technical part of implementing a new Gateway/DEX connector, reach out @Faouzi (Hummingbot Foundation member) on our discord channel. He can give you proper directions on where to find information related to Gateway connectors implementation.

To have a new DEX connector added to the main code base, you will have to create a Pull request to the development branch, and create a PRP (Pull Request Proposal). Once the PRP is approved, Foundation team will get work towards merging it to the main code base.

More details:

Types of governance proposals


Currently, we also have a Dev Grant open to reward HBOT to new Gateway connectors. Any dev can request a participation on the Dev Grant to submit a new connector.

More details:

How Dev Grant Budgets works

Active Governance Proposals, including Dev Grants

Gateway v2 Dev Grant proposal

If you are interested in discussing different kinds of partnerships, reach out to @fengtality - LEDGER also on our discord channel.

Any questions related to Governance process, feel free to reach me out, here or also on our discord channel (@phgnomo).