FTX PERP for Hedging

Author: Baddka 0xD1b

Original Post Date: 9 May 2022


It is been 3 days i am using the bot with Aroon oscillator on BTC-USD. For the moment, i am satisfied with how it manages orders.

I got an issue because i use it on FTX spot but my bag is almost full of BTC and i want to hedge these BTC.

With some pumps, the algo could unload a part of it but i find that it has difficulties to unload 50% for example and not so difficult to load BTC.

So i was thinking of the Hedge strat of HB but i really want to use it on FTX with a perp connector. On FTX, you could have collateral with coins you hold in your account. In this case, the BTC balance that HB buys with the mm strat. You dont have to split your capital for 2 exchanges.

It could be interesting and you can be easily delta neutral with low chance of liquidation.

What do you think guys ?


Author: fengtality 0x352

Agreed, there should be a FTX perp connector for Hummingbot. This is an area where the Foundation can allocate HBOT grants to a developer who contributes a FTX perp connector. I think CoinAlpha may already have built this, so it should be relatively straightforward to get them to submit it.