Community Incentives to Answer Questions & Resolve Issues


A new proposal to allocate 350,000 HBOT tokens to fund the Community Incentives for community members to help one another in answering questions, and to encourage sharing of knowledge, skills, & experiences.

Incentives to Answer Questions & Resolve Issues

Since the beginning of the Hummingbot Foundation, we have assigned Community Managers and Lead Developers to answer questions and assist community members in resolving issues. We’ve noticed a gradual increase in the number of members who can answer general questions and know where to find answers via documentation over the last few months. We believed that encouraging community members to assist one another would increase community engagement and encourage more members to openly share their knowledge, skills, and experiences.

The Foundation Team, on the other hand, can concentrate on other priorities such as documentation, improving processes and governance activities, sharing blog posts, codebase improvements, providing mini-lessons, and hosting Hummingbot botcamps.

Following this event, we will conduct post-evaluation activities such as collecting feedback and suggestions and conducting a survey poll. These will assist us in determining the next steps to take and improving the incentives in Epoch 3 early next year.

Participation Rules

  1. Each participant will need to register by submitting a completed AML Policy Form.
  2. Participants will gain points by answering queries, & resolving issues by other members.
  3. Point System:
    1. 1 point for simple answer with short explanation
    2. 2 points for answer with link to documentation & with short explanation
    3. 3 points for answer with useful discussions in thread and/or documentation-worthy answers
  4. The weekly reward pool will be distributed proportionally to the participants’ points.
    1. Each participant can gain up to 20% of weekly reward pool.
  5. The Foundation Team will give the points to each participants.
    1. Time delay & by batches in giving points.
    2. Not every answer will be given points.
    3. Point can be given to timely and/or well-explained answer.
    4. Give warning for suspicious activities, & can disqualify participants for abuse.

Reward Distribution

HBOT rewards will be sent by the Hummingbot Foundation Team to the registered ETH wallet address provided by participants via the AML Policy Form. The rewards will be distributed every Tuesday, latest by 2 pm UTC / 10 pm HKT.

Budget Allocation

Total Allocation of 350,000 HBOT to reward the community members who officially registered, and have helped answer questions and resolved issues of fellow community members.

The HBOT rewards will be distributed on a weekly cycle from 12 December 2022 to 31 January 2022. So, there will be 50,000 HBOT on weekly reward pool to be distributed over the 7-week cycle.

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