Binance Cloud exchange connector

Author: J0E 0x520

Original Post Date: 8 Apr 2022

I’ve been looking at the Binance Cloud white label exchange offering and it provides exchanges with API’s that appear to be reasonably consistent, and there are 4-5 exchanges currently using Binance Cloud

Mandala -

Binance TR -


LordToken -

TokoCrypto -

X-Meta (Mongolian, no API yet) -

The API is unsurprisingly based on Binance API so a connector should be fairly straight forward, however the main difference I’ve seen so far is there is symbolType field (1 or 2) that determines which endpoint to query, e.g using BinanceTR as example (presuming docs are accurate)

GET (when symbol type is 1)

GET (when symbol type is not 1)


wss:// (when symbol type is 1, replace _ of symbol with null string and convert symbol to lowercase)

wss:// (when symbol type is not 1)

If I look at hummingbot/trading_rule.pyx at master · hummingbot/hummingbot · GitHub I think that an Optional symbolType could be added to allow connector logic to them determine which endpoint to hit, but I had a few questions for the community before I went any further

  • Is there any interest in adding a generic BinanceCloud connector ?

  • Has there been any connect with these exchanges for fee rebates ?

  • Should BinanceCloud exchange endpoints only be added if there is a fee rebate in place for each individual exchange ?

  • Any other thoughts ?