April Release Candidate (1.3) - Staging branch review now active

Author: PHBR0 x58B

Original Post Date: 14 Apr 2022

With the objective to maintain high-quality standards for the Hummingbot Client, whenever a Release Candidate deployed into the staging branch, Hummingbot Foundation asks the community to test, review and contribute with fixes to that branch before the final release of the month.

This thread lists which Pull Requests have been added to the Release Candidate, and how Hummingbot Community members can contribute to maintain the high quality of every new release.*

RELEASE CANDIDATE 1.3 staging branch: GitHub - hummingbot/hummingbot at staging

Release Proccess Recap

The deployment of a new version of the Hummingbot Client Release run through the following process:

  • Pull Request Proposals approved by the community through governance vote on the PRP Snapshot, will be added to the development branch after a final code-review by the Hummingbot Foundation Team.
  • Once all approved PRPs are added, the development branch will be moved to the staging branch, as the release candidate.
  • The staging branch can now be tested for bugs and/or any security-related issues before being deployed as a new Client version.

Contributing for the quality of a new release

Here are some ways to contribute to maintaining a high quality standard of the Hummingbot Project:

NOTE 1: All reports related to issues found on the staging branch should be reported on this thread, to allow all the community to track the issues found.

  • Test the staging branch and report on this thread any issues found. (How to run Hummingbot from source);
  • Check if all approved PRPs were included on the developmentstaging merge. (Look into the closed Pull Requests page on Github);
  • Submit a fix PR to staging. After creating the Pull Request, add the link on this thread for reference;

NOTE 2: A proposal to reward bug findings/fixing have been approved here. 1 Million HBOT is allocated fof Bug Findings and Bug Fixes. Check the proposal for detaisl on how to participate.

March PRPs

The following PRPs have the respective vote finished before the end of March:

Title PRP Approved? Added to 1.3 staging?
#5130 Fix/Handle no balance for paper connectors in global config Link Yes Yes
#5131 Feat/Add CoinFLEX Connector Link Yes Yes
#5135 fix / TWAP status order order, order spread Link Yes Yes
#5143 feat / order age from creation timestamp Link Yes Yes
#5146 Fix/Avellaneda - remove _latest_parameter_calculation_vol Link Yes Yes
#5148 fix / Status - Unable to display status output on Windows source and binary Link Yes Yes
#5153 Fix/Missing import in AvellanedaMarketMakingStrategy Link Yes Yes
#5156 Fix/Avellaneda - TradingIntensity - fix trade sampling Link Yes Yes
#5160 feat/allow fees in different tokens Link Yes Yes
#5165 fix/user balance failure for time synchronizer Link Yes Yes
#5181 feat/add moving_price_band and config on the fly for price_band and price_ceiling Link No No
#5183 Fix / binance perpetual order fill amount bug Link Yes Yes
#5192 Refactor/AscendEX Connector Update Link Yes Yes
#5195 fix / cli handler format string Link Yes Yes
#5197 feat/kucoin connector update Link Yes Yes

Pr #5181 did not meet the minimum quorum as there was more vote that was against rather than for


Hotfixes are urgent Pull Requests are needed to fix high-priority bugs/vulnerabilities before the final release. Thei will be listed on this section, if they are created.

Author: J0E 0x520

Are the March PRP’s supposed to be listed at https://shard-watcher-5b5.notion.site/HBOT-Rewards-Schedule-88c3817f71904bbfac3cfa0d62310ebd and receive part of the allocation for bugfixes? Or is thread about finding new bugs in staging for the March PRPs, and if so will the March PRP’s get any allocation?

Author: PHBR0 x58B

This thread is for bugs in for the April Release, that is currently on the staging branch.

The list you linked is all the contributions that are already approved to receive HBOT reward tokens.

Bug reports/fixes looking to be rewarded should be added to this thread. Once QA confirms, the reward will be added to the Reward Schedule.

I will add the HGP-14 section there today.