Add Remote Commands Executor Module

Author: TheHoliestRoger 0xA41

Original Post Date: 24 Jun 2022

Snapshot Proposal Link

This HIP describes two separate solutions that I have designed to work together with each other to “complete the loop” of TradingView → Hummingbot integration.

Linked HGP: Snapshot

TradingView is a widely used market tracker that allows users to create, share and use custom trading strategies but is quite limited with regards to how it can be “plugged in” to other services. What it does support is the creation of “Alerts” which can send data to a webhook (publicly facing URL).

Documentation is available on the RogerThat readme and we’re also working on a guide for AWS LightSail here:

Expanding on this functionality more, the Remote Command Executor combined with RogerThat makes it possible to have inter-instance control/talk. This is an advanced feature that uses Hummingbot’s user scripting in order to relay commands/data to other Hummingbot instances that are connected to RogerThat.

Remote Command Executor

The first part is a “Remote Command Executor” module for Hummingbot, which allows Hummingbot to receive external commands/event data via websockets.

It allows the user to send plain Hummingbot commands and/or command shortcuts from external services to their Hummingbot instance.

The PR also includes user scripting hooks and strategy hooks, which allow advanced users to feed any external data to Hummingbot and do with it what they wish.

This isn’t merged yet but I’ll work with the foundation to get it in.


RogerThat is a standalone python web server designed to receive TradingView alerts (or similar) and forward them to Hummingbot.

RogerThat facilitates the collection and forwarding of these TradingView Alerts to Hummingbot via a mini public facing webserver which TradingView can then send data to, RogerThat then forwards these alerts/events to listening Hummingbot instances.

Combined with the Remote Command Executor module Hummingbot listens to RogerThat via a websocket for received commands and updates.

Whilst RogerThat was developed purely to bridge TradingView and Hummingbot, it can work as a gateway / bridge between any service that sends data via Webhooks (to a public URL) and then forward them to a Hummingbot instance (or many instances) via the RCE module. This allows the user to achieve full cross-bot communication.

Author: fengtality 0x352

I think this is a really useful integration and has the potential to massively increase Hummingbot’s user base, given that TradingView probably has the largest community of algorithmic traders in the world. There’s already a video in the Hummingbot Youtube showing how to use it.

However, I am forced to vote NO on the HIP, since it doesn’t state how many HBOT tokens it requests. I would be inclined to support a future HIP that follows the format described in the proposal docs.