Add a staging release critical bug finding bounty

Author: leastchaos 0x46f

Original Post Date: 8 Feb 2022

The master branch should at least have all previous working parts continue to work as intended unless it is specifically deprecated or changed due to external factors.

At its current state, I find it unusable after updating all my bots to the latest version and running for a period, I faced stability issues on some of my bots before I revert my updates back to the previous version.

One critical bug for this release were orders getting stuck on canceling resulted in the bot doing no work and needing to restart Binance perpetual: Stuck cancelling an order · Issue #5076 · hummingbot/hummingbot · GitHub.

Also, an often-used feature such as profit history History command shows Trade PnL of zero even after few trades · Issue #5069 · hummingbot/hummingbot · GitHub is getting many user reports.

I feel that there should be an additional period of bug finding/fixing program to encourage the community to find critical bugs during the staging before the final release to the master version to at least make the master branch more stable. Especially if there were major changes done to the core/connector code.

Most if not all users would not bother to use staging releases as they would rather wait for a stable release so there needs to be an incentive to encourage community users to use staging releases and find more critical bugs.

Critical bugs could be defined as methods that were previously working became broken such as cancel order events, default strategies breaking due to certain user configurations that worked in the current version and may include often used functions such as profit history as agreed by the community while bugs that were already present in the previous release could be excluded.

These critical bugs would have to be fixed or assessed to be non-critical enough and highlighted before proceeding to release to the master branch.

Author: cgambit 0xdEa

I do agree on points made.

For consideration, with the Foundation’s plan to create a Technical Review DAO, I wonder whether that team

can extend their scope of work to include bug finding.

I am also in favor to create community bug bounty reward/incentives.


Author: Iz-0xCad

Great ideas, and I would also like to include these bugs being worked out of the source code as well. error when Install Hummingbot from Source · Issue #5112 · hummingbot/hummingbot · GitHub & Bug on Install Hummingbot from Source · Issue #5107 · hummingbot/hummingbot · GitHub

Author: PHBR0 x58B

Before pushing the new version to the main branch, the release candidate is added to the staging branch, with the goal to test and fix bugs before deploying on the main release.

Starting with the relase 1.1, we are calling the community to test and report bugs before we deploy it to the main branch:

Besides that, we are working on two proposals to help with that:

  • Technical Review DAO (Commonwealth) - To have a community team focused on helping top review not only a new release, but all PRs as they are created.
  • Bug bounty program - Still working on the details, but a thread will be created soon for community discussions